About the Maker

Jamie Payne-Miller is the owner and maker of R. Vauxhall (formerly Sputtering Glimmer). 

Born in Texas, Jamie is a Chicago transplant living in the city with her husband and fur child, Cooper.

Jamie began working with polymer clay in 2020 and immediately fell in love with the medium. The lightweight and durable nature of the clay is perfect for large statement earrings and modest posts alike. Jamie strives to create stylish, yet timeless, pieces that pair with any wardrobe and can be worn year after year. 

What We Believe

R. Vauxhall believes in untold possibilities. The untold possibilities of what makers are capable of doing with polymer clay, what nonprofits are capable of accomplishing with the support of our community, and what each of us is capable of when we lead from the heart.

R. Vauxhall believes in the paradox of timelessness and trends: everything we now consider “timeless” was once a trend. Polymer clay is no exception, we just happen to be in the infancy of this material as a medium so everything feels trendy because it’s new.


R. Vauxhall believes in products that withstand the test of “trendiness” and sustain for years to come. We accomplish this through a combination of classic hues and unique designs, as well as the durability of the polymer clay itself.

The R. Vauxhall Name

Much of Jamie’s philanthropic nature comes from her personal love and affinity for Princess Diana — and who is more paradoxical or more timeless than Di? 

Though Diana’s public work with the AIDS crisis and world hunger garnered much global popularity, she faced immense scrutiny at home. At one point, the Queen went so far as to ask, “Why can’t you do something nice?”

Desperate to escape her life and duties at the palace, Diana would often spend time with celebrity friends in the privacy of their homes. But one night, in 1988, Diana decided she was going out… in drag.

Accompanied by close friend and lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, Diana donned a men's army jacket, dark aviator sunglasses, and a leather cap and snuck into South London’s iconic gay nightclub for an evening of incognito entertainment.

The iconic gay nightclub she snuck into? Royal Vauxhall Tavern.

Our name is an homage to the place where a paradoxical princess got to be her most authentic self. Diana was charitable, iconic, brave, and timeless – all qualities we hope our customers feel when wearing R. Vauxhall jewelry.